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Why should you consider purchasing your next home in Thane?

March 23, 2020 | Silky Malhotra

Why should you consider purchasing your next home in Thane?

If you are willing to relocate to one of the futuristic cities, it would be wise to go for Thane. This city, located close to Mumbai, offers a perfect social and commercial infrastructure to the residents. Developments in Thane started off relatively late. However, with Mumbai becoming crowded, many home aspirants have moved to Thane. Besides, in recent years, several new roads have come up in the city. With the infrastructure strengthening in Thane, corporate employees and millennials have been migrating to the city. New residential properties have come in the promising localities in Thane. As a result, property owners are keen to acquire new apartments here.

Particularly, the IT infrastructure has developed rapidly in Thane. This city shares a seamless transportation network with Mumbai and its localities. This makes it easier for the residents to move around the city with ease. You can get across to the places of your interest in quick time. Then, you have several new thoroughfares coming up in the city.

Thane also has several prominent schools and hospitals. When you move to one of the new apartments in Thane, you can easily get access to all these institutions. Moreover, the city has several shopping malls, multiplexes, bars, restaurants and hotels. For residents, it is easy to get across to these places through the extensive network of roadways. Lifestyle in Thane is dynamic indeed, and you would love the quality of living in the new residential complexes here. The area has emerged as the best investment option for buyers in Mumbai, and property prices are expected to boost soon. This is the ideal time for investment and earn good returns.

Runwal Pearl

For residents willing to buy a new apartment in Thane, Runwal Pearl Thane would be a great choice. This estate is located close to the business zones in Mumbai. You can choose apartments in various configurations in this estate. These flats come in 1,2 and 2.5 BHK formats. The prices range between INR 77 lakhs and INR 1.55 crore. This complex has been developed on 6 acres. Presently, 400 families are residing in this estate, and the other apartments are getting booked quickly. You will love the range of amenities in this complex, when you get an apartment here. This would be a good time for you to go ahead with the investment.

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